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Hands Down, The BEST Way To Soften Your Tap Water Without Salt, Maintenance and With a Full Lifetime Warranty



Hard water affects a great many households in the US and globally. Many people have had the experience of installing an expensive water softener, only to realize that’s just the beginning of a lot of upkeep, and further costs.

The Hard Water Genie system solves all this, and even at the full retail price of $427, this investment pays for itself inside of a year. All-Perils Restoration offers the Hard Water Genie at a special discount, and with free shipping. 

How Does It Work?

The Hard Water Genie, unlike most water softening systems, works PHYSICALLY rather than chemically. It delivers low-frequency pulses directly into your water supply lines, and these cause the salts in your water to physically change in a way that prohibits their ability to bond with your pipes and other surfaces.

This not only saves you from having to purchase salt and maintain a huge softening unit month after month, it also means you’re not dumping chemically-saturated water into your septic or sewer system, so it’s much better for the environment.

When you first install the unit, you’ll likely begin noticing your water begins to discolor slightly; this is due to the buildup of salts in your supply lines beginning to dissolve. After a few weeks, this will disappear, and you will enjoy the many benefits of physically softened water, from the way your skin and hair feel, to not having to clean those stains left by hard water on your fixtures.

Stains like these will disappear for good once you install your Hard Water Genie system. Installation is simple, takes about 20 minutes, and requires no special tools or skills. The system itself plugs into any wall outlet, and consumes about $0.03 per day in electricity.

Best of all, the Hard Water Genie comes with a full lifetime warranty, and by purchasing through us, not only will we offer you a special price of $349.95, but FREE shipping as well. It’s like connecting a computer to your water supply lines, and suddenly noticing your hair and skin look and feel better, and no salt to buy, ever.


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